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by Crystal Daliya, CPA, MSAT

This is the Easternmost point in the Continental United States - West Quoddy Point. If you're not living there, it's a long drive to get there. But, to say you have traveled that road and back again is saying something similar to what we can say to our clients. We have traveled the long accounting roads. Most clients tell us "we don't know how you do what you do!", to which we can confidently say, "ditto"! We do what we do best and you do what you do best - coming together just multiplies our efforts.

If you're in that boat - realizing your potential has been limited by things outside your expertise, congratulations! You have just found the accounting help you need. Whether starting up a new business or organizing your established business, we can help. And if you just have personal concerns with your finances or interaction with the IRS, we can help with that too.

Let's break it down: life and business can be complicated. At Daliya CPA, we get to the bottom of the issues by addressing each one individually and presenting a clear picture at the end. We work with integrity on all fronts, making it the cornerstone of our practice. And, we do our best to make sure you understand your numbers so you can make wise decisions about your future - whether personally or professionally.

We are the trusted experience on which you can depend.

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